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Admission.Center is international worldwide organization that helps foreing students with admission and studying abroad.

Admission.Center makes international students life very comfort and pleasure.

We'll help you to choose university. We guarantee your admission. We guarantee student visa for you.

Welcome to official

Ukrainian Nkag Center

Ukrainian Nkag Center is officialy registred and approved by Ministry of Education, Science Youth and sports of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Nkag Center helps student application procedures, visas, accommodation, adaptation and information for learning 100% in English language courses, Russia or Ukrainian as a foreign language.

Ukrainian Nkag Center can help you to choose the best university and course specially for you. We will consult you about educational program, admission process, tuition fees, life in the city of university and a lot of other useful things.

Ukrainian Nkag Center assists students with invitation letter and getting visa. All students, that make admission via Ukrainian Admission Center will always get visa.

Ukrainian Nkag Center helps undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Application via Ukrainian Nkag Center has benefits:

  • Payment on arrival
  • The lowest tuition fees in Europe
  • Very cheap accommodation
  • Cheap living expenses and a lot of useful tips about it
  • Cheap and guarantee VISA
  • Education in european universities
  • A lot of others

Ukrainian Nkag Center will guide you through all steps you need to take in order to study and get education in Ukraine with comfort.

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Txawv teb chaws cov tub ntxhais kawm hlub tau ib feem ntawm Ukrainian kev kawm zej zog. Nkag ntawm Ukrainian Nkag Center guarantees ib tug loj tus naj npawb ntawm nyiaj tshwj xeeb rau txawv teb chaws cov tub ntxhais kawm.

  • Rajashekar Akhil Raj

    Is Nrias teb

    I was looking for an opportunity to get education in Europe. But a large selection of agents makes me crazy. Thank you that there is Admission Center. It is perfect abilyty for students that wants to study abroad. With it everything is easy and simple, and do not need to worry about the reliability of the agent.

  • Aderinoye Raheemat


    Ukrainian Nkag Center, I want to say great thanks to all your team. You make my admission easy and comfort. I had some fears when I came to Ukraine. But Ukrainian Admission Center helps me with everything. I have no any problems here at all. Great thanks to all staff of Ukrainian Admission Center.

  • Chingosho Rutendo Fafadzwa


    I'm in Ukraine. I'm getting medical education. My admission process for very easy. I got visa without any problems. I'm happy. Thank you Ukrainian Admission Center. PS: Your bonuses on arrival was amazing. They helps me so much in living in Ukraine. Your are the best and you really care about students.

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email: ukraine.admission.center@gmail.com Viber / Whatsapp:(+380)-68-811-08-39 chaw nyob: Nauki Avenue 40, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraine. THOV TAM SIM NO
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