Zanîngeha Netewî ya Kharkiv Of Economics

Zanîngeha Netewî ya Kharkiv Of Economics
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Kharkiv National University of Economic is a state higher educational institution of the highest IV level of accreditation, it is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Today Kharkiv National University of Economics is a leading specialized higher educational institution in the East of Ukraine, which provides full range of educational services implementing multistage training, retraining and further training for specialists in 26 specialities such branches of knowledge
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship;
  • Management and Administration;
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering;
  • Publishing and Printing Business;
  • Service Sphere;
  • State Administration;
  • Specific Categories.
The University is the licensee of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for preparation of Ukrainian and foreign citizens for the entrance exams to the higher educational institutions (license series АЕ No. 458586ji 28.07.2014).
Heye 7 fakulteyên, 34 besên, Correspondence and Distance Learning Center, Center of Post-Graduate education, the specialized academic councils on the defense of theses for receiving scientific degree of Doctor or Candidate of Science in Economics, educational and scientific-research laboratories, a computer centre, a scientific and technical library, weşanxaneyeke, sports complexes in the University.
Having a considerable experience in training Ukrainian students, KhNUE influences HR, zanistî, technical and economic policy of industrial enterprises and organizations of the country. The guiding principle of KhNUE activity is the formation of intellectual elite for the economy of our country. To achieve this goal the University carries out the preparation of highly professional economists familiar with modern information technologies and innovative model of behavior.
Developed in the University system of continuous education serves for implementation of these decisions. Today this system is represented by the scientific and educational complex, which includes pre-selection of capable applicants and training them, stationary and correspondence courses, as well as training and retraining of specialists of the high qualification. Studying in high schools created within the faculties the students have an opportunity to get a related specialty at a reduced price.
The University established a flexible system of quality management of preparation of specialists, based on continuous monitoring of KhNUE graduates’ achievements.
KhNUE actively implements the standards of education, which operate in the countries of the European Community. Construction of training in accordance with the principle of “unification of the form (standardization of the courses) – the originality of the content (filling of the modules)” allows to implement KhNUE advantages in the most effective way. The advantages associated with the high level of development of scientific and research work and its integration with the educational process and economic practice. The participation in scientific research should form an motivated specialist with creative approach to the work, who is able to solve tasks, which arise from the modern economic practice.
S. Kuznets KhNUE supports extensive international links with higher education institutions from neighboring and foreign countries with the purpose of training, retraining and improvement of professional skills of specialists; organization of joint research activities, exchange of students, post-graduate students and lecturers, preparation of joint projects to participate in contests grants. S.Kuznets KhNUE have partners among the foreign universities and educational organizations from many countries, namely from Austria, Fransa, Rûsya, Belarûs, çîn, Îtalya, Ermenistan, Almanya, Polonya, Komara Çekî, Kanada, USA and others. The accordance of the University to the modern educational standards was confirmed by the invitation to join the Magna Charta Universitatum – the prestigious universities organisations of the world with headquarters in the city. Bologna (Îtalya) – September 18, 2004.
The students of KhNUE have an opportunity to undergo training in the leading national industrial enterprises, financial, consulting and other companies. While studying, students receive language training at general and optional courses, they may study English, Fransî, Almanî, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish languages.
At the University students get fundamental training, which allows them to make and implement effective decisions in the spectrum of contemporary economic issues, including choice of competitive products, the assessment of the effectiveness of investment projects and technical and organizational level of production, development of strategy of development of the enterprise, activity planning, the organization of production and work, marketing research, a deep economic analysis, hwd..
KhNUE graduates successfully provide the HR need of leading public, private and joint stock companies of the country, they work in scientific and research institutes and higher educational establishments, banks and state administration bodies, in the tourist companies and in small and average business in sphere of service, ensuring of international activities, they plan and design infrastructure of enterprises, cities, herêmên.

Faculties of Kharkiv National University of Economics

Faculty of economy and law

  • Aborî ya Enterprises
  • Human Resource Management

Faculty of economic informatics

  • Economic Statistics:
  • Information Managing System:
  • sîbernetîkê aborî:
  • Publishing-polygraphic business
  • Computer ecology-economic monitoring

Faculty of marketing and management

  • Management of Organisations:
  • marketing:
  • Management îdarî

Faculty of international economic relations

  • Teoriya aborî
  • International Economy
  • Foreign Economic Activity Management

Faculty of accountancy and auditing

  • Accountancy and Auditing

Faculty of finance

  • Malî
  • Banking

Post-Graduation education

University provides professional development of foreign citizens of all previously mentioned specialities in the form of probation and retraining. Candidate (Ph.D) and Doctor of Science courses are available at the University. Post-graduate course duration is 3 years followed by thesis defence and degrees of Ph.D. in Economics are awarded.

Admission of foreign students to S.Kuznets KhNUE

Kharkiv National University of Economics (KhNUE) is the greatest provider of economic education in Eastern Ukraine, it trains Bachelors, Specialists and Masters of Economics. The 4th accreditation level provides the University with the right to train specialists for foreign countries. The teaching staff comprises 722 kesên: 53 are Doctors of Science, Professors and Academicians, 363 are Candidates of Science, Associate Professors. Since its foundation in 1930, 50 000 specialists in Economics from Ukraine and 79 countries have graduated from the University.

The University is an institution of considerable scientific potential. At present there are 7 scientific schools in the University that are headed by leading Ukrainian Professors and Doctors of Science. Two research and development laboratories that study social and economic problems of the society, creativity evaluating and surveying of intellect level were set up at the University.

Kharkiv National University of Economics maintains international relations with more than 50 neighboring and overseas higher schools and associations, takes part in cooperation within the framework of international and European education programs and projects. Ji ber ku 2005 in the context of the bilateral agreement between KhNUE and Universite Lumiere Lion2 (Fransa) the joint French-Ukrainian Master degree program has been functioning on the specialty “Informatics of Decision Making and Statistics”. The graduates of the program get two diplomas: the Master diploma of Kharkiv National University of Economics and the Master diploma of Universite Lumiere Lion2. Li 2009 a similar Master degree program was launched in cooperation with University of Applied
Sciences Technikum Wien (Awisturya).
At present KhNUE encloses 4 lecture buildings, a complex for physical education and recreation, scientific and library buildings. Since March, 2003 there is an automated library system, all the processes at the library are automated due to this system. Language laboratories enable students to use audio and video aids for mastering Russian to be able to study at the University.
There are no problems of students’ accommodation in the hostels. KhNUE has gyms in the hostels with training and other equipment where students can do any sports they like.
At present the University is licensed to prepare overseas citizens for entering higher schools (preparatory faculty), to educate students and provide them with higher education (Bachelor and Master Degrees), to retrain specialists and provide them with the other degree, to upgrade qualification in major specialties, to provide postgraduate and doctorate courses.
Aborî ya Enterprises
Specialist in Economy of Enterprise can perform the duties of economist, manager of appropriate services at enterprises, corporations, organizations and institutions – in any field where there is a necessity to develop business strategy and current plans.
Human Resource Management
Specialist in Personnel Management can perform professional duties in the field of Personnel Management (motivation and stimulation of work), is able to plan business career, to develop human resource management strategies and social progress strategies.
Statistics sepandin
Specialist in Economic Statistics is able to carry out professional work as an economist analyst, work at organizations engaged in processing of statistic data.
Information Managing Systems and Technologies
Specialist in Information Systems and Technologies is able to carry out professional work as a developer of information systems in economy, analyst of economic information, engaged in processing and developing of data base managing system and also work as system administrator.
sîbernetîkê aborî
Specialist in Economic Cybernetics is able to carry out professional work as economist analyst of operation research, as economic adviser, scientific officer; can hold an executive position in economy, commerce and business.
Computer Ecology and Economic Monitoring
Specialist in Computer Ecology and Economic Monitoring is able to estimate ecological consequence of substantial scale science-technical and technological programs, economically substantial investment in the environmental protection projects using computer technologies.
Computer Technologies and Systems of Publishing and Printing Production
Specialist in Computer Technologies and Systems of Publishing Production is able to manage technological process of preparing and publishing printing production, develop information systems for publishing houses, take up a post of designer, technologist, manager of publishing house, advertising agency.
Technology of Electronic Multimedia Editions
Specialist in Technology of Electronic Multimedia Editions is able to elaborate design of multimedia interactive editions, pêşkêşiyan de, WEB-sites in the Internet, project and administrate local computer net, analyze effectiveness of multimedia system work, create dynamic video clips.
Applied Economy
Specialist in Applied Economy is able to carry out professional work as an economist-analyst in goods market research; expert in international economic activity; economist-analyst in bank, insurance company, investment company; project manager; manager of private business; scientist; university teacher.
Management of Rêkxiraw
Specialist in Management of Organizations is able to carry out professional work as a manager and economist of goods and services production, conducting research and development, trade and marketing.
Specialist in Marketing is able to fulfill organizational and economic management activities at enterprises, commercial organizations, advertising firms, to supply and sale services.
Management îdarî
Specialist in Administrative Management is able to work in state administrative institutions and private organizations, at enterprises of various forms of ownership, at the state industrial administration authorities of national economy on the position of economist.
Business Administration
Specialist in Business Administration is able to work as the top and middle-level manager of organization of any forms of ownership, manager in marketing, logistics and international relations.
Specialist in Logistics is able to implement analytic, managing, scientific and developing activities, to work as manager of planning, subsidiary producing or the whole enterprise manager.
Management of Innovative Activity
Specialist in Management of Innovative Activity is able to work as the top and middle-level manager of organization, as a manager of logistics, trade and marketing.
Teoriya aborî
Specialist in Economic Theory is able to work in research institutions, at state public, and private enterprises and establishments on the positions connected with analysis of socio-economic processes.
International Economy
Specialist in International Economy is able to fulfill organizational and economic, marketing, îdarî, financial, monetary and credit activity in the sphere of international cooperation and foreign economic activity.
Foreign Economic Activity Management
Specialist in Foreign Economic Activity Management is able to fulfill organizational and economic, îdarî, commercial, financial and analytical functions in the sphere of foreign economic activity of enterprises, organizations, institutions of different forms of ownership.
Specialist in Tourism is able to fulfill organizational and economic, pîlankirinî, consulting, coordinating and marketing activity in tourism management.
Accounting û Kontrola Hesaban
Specialist in Accounting and Audit is able to carry out professional work as an accountant analyst, auditor, inspector of revision organizations and tax inspection, economist.
Specialist in Finance can manage government finance, organize and manage enterprise finances.
Specialist in Banking is able to carry out professional work as economist of planning of bank’s financial activity and economist of control and analysis of bank’s activity, auditor, dealer of currency and stock exchange transactions.
Specialist in Taxation is able to work as a specialist in state taxation bodies or economist in taxation.
For foreign citizens the University offers preliminary courses of the Russian or Ukrainian languages and of basic disciplines of the chosen specialty. The duration of courses is 10 mehan de. On completing the courses students receive standard certificates.
University provides professional preparation of foreign citizens on all previously mentioned specialties in the form of probation and retraining. Candidate and Doctor of Science courses are available at the University. Postgraduate course duration is 3 years followed by thesis defense and degrees of PhD in Economics are awarded.
For admission to S. Kuznets KhNUE students need to bring the following documents:
Original and a copy of the previous education; original and copy of the document (annex to document of education) which contains information about the progress in various academic disciplines; copy of birth certificate; document the absence of HIV infection, unless the other is stipulated by international agreements of Ukraine; medical certificate, certified by an official health authority of the country, issued not later than 2 months prior to arrival in Ukraine; a copy of the passport document or a document that certifies a stateless person; insurance policy for the provision of emergency medical services (except for foreigners who come from countries with which Ukraine has agreements on free medical emergencies); 6 photos 3 × 4 cm; foreign Ukrainians certificate copy (heke tune); the listed documents must be translated in Ukrainian and notarized.
The documents must be certified in the country of issue in the manner that is officially used in this country for such a documents, and legalized by the relevant foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, unless other is stipulated by international agreements of Ukraine.

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