Bonuses from Ukrainian Admission Center

Bonuses for foreign students in Ukraine. Ukrainian Admission Center brochure
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Using sevices of official Ukrainian Admission Center has a lot of benefits.

The main bonuses are:

  • Official Ukrainian organization
  • The safest way to online admission
  • Guaranteed admission
  • Guaranteed visa
  • No overpayment
  • All application process is clearly and the student can track their admission process.
  • Ukrainian Admission Center is a part of international Admission Center.

That was official part. And here is amazing bonuses for students that follow us at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Free airport pickup*
  • Free transfer to university*
  • Free city tour*
  • Brochure with a lot of useful tips for foreign students in Ukraine and city of their study specially from Ukraiņu Uzņemšana Center*
  • Ukranian mobile phone number

*temporary unavailable

uzņemšana 2018-2019 ir atvērts Ukrainā

Visi ārvalstu studenti ir aicināti mācīties Ukrainā. Jūs varat pieteikties ar Ukrainas Uzņemšanas centrs.

Uzņemšana birojs Ukrainā

E-pasts: ukraine.admission.center@gmail.com Výber / WhatsApp:(+380)-68-811-08-39 Adrese: nauki Avenue 40, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraina. PIETEIKTIES TAGAD
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