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युक्रेनमा अध्ययन. Higher Education in European Country
courses in Ukraine
courses in Ukraine
युक्रेनमा अध्ययन ईन्जिनियरिङ्. Technical Education in Ukraine.
Study Engineering in
It is right choice for your future
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युक्रेनमा मेडिकल कोर्स. Medical education in Ukraine. MBBS in Ukraine.
Do you want to be a world recognized doctor?
युक्रेनमा मेडिकल कोर्स
High quality and low tuition fees
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Ukrainian Admission Center allows students to study in ukrainian universities without any exams

100% भर्ना

Ukrainian Admission Center allows students to study in ukrainian universities without any admission

100% भिषा

If you admission via Ukrainian Admission Center, then you will get guarantee educational visa to Ukraine

Are you ready to युक्रेनमा अध्ययन?

High quality of european education, easy admission process and the lowest tuition fees in Europe. Thats why you have to choose Ukraine!

About Admission process
Ukrainian Admission Center

युक्रेनमा अध्ययन

Ukrainian Admission Center is official organization that helps foreign students to apply and study in any ukrainian university. We help students from first step (choosing of university) to last (graduation).

Ukrainian Admission Center was founded specially for international students to make their admission process and education in ukrainian universities as simple, intuitive and comfortable as possible.

युक्रेनी प्रवेश केन्द्र बारे

Ukrainian universities

You can choose any ukrainian university. If you can decide, we always ready to help you to choose the best university specially for you

विश्वविद्यालय युक्रेनमा

Ukraine has 317 विश्वविद्यालय. You can choose any of them.

View all universities
Students says


Foreign students love to be a part of ukrainian educational community. Admission via Ukrainian Admission Center guarantees a big number of bonuses for foreign students.

  • Rajashekar Akhil Raj


    I was looking for an opportunity to get education in Europe. But a large selection of agents makes me crazy. Thank you that there is Admission Center. It is perfect abilyty for students that wants to study abroad. With it everything is easy and simple, and do not need to worry about the reliability of the agent.

  • Aderinoye Raheemat


    Ukrainian Admission Center, I want to say great thanks to all your team. You make my admission easy and comfort. I had some fears when I came to Ukraine. But Ukrainian Admission Center helps me with everything. I have no any problems here at all. Great thanks to all staff of Ukrainian Admission Center.

  • Chingosho Rutendo Fafadzwa


    I'm in Ukraine. I'm getting medical education. My admission process for very easy. I got visa without any problems. I'm happy. Thank you Ukrainian Admission Center. PS: Your bonuses on arrival was amazing. They helps me so much in living in Ukraine. Your are the best and you really care about students.

  • European country

    Ukraine cituated in the center of Europe and is the largest country in it.

  • Tolerant people

    Ukrainians are always open, sincere and happy to communicate with foreigners.

  • High quality of education

    Ukrainian universities provides european quality of education in big number of specialities.

Why Study in Ukraine
  • Mild climate

    You'll be in comfort at any time of the year. Winter is warn and summer isn't very hot.

  • Low prices

    Education in Ukraine is the cheapest in Europe. It is really cost effective.

  • Beautiful women

    Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful in the world.


Our News

We always tell you about all updates in ukrainian eduacation

फेब्रुअरी 9, 2017

भर्ना 2017-2018 is open!

प्रिय भावी विद्यार्थीहरू! We are glad to inform you, that admission to ukrainian universities for 2017-2018 अब खुला छ. You can apply online right now to book a seat in university. Universities begin to send invitation letters since March. Choose Official Ukrainian Admission Center and get guarantee admission to best ukrainian universities! Best regards, Ukranian


युक्रेनी प्रवेश केन्द्र बारे. युक्रेनमा अध्ययन
अगस्ट 11, 2016

भर्ना 2016-2017 युक्रेनमा खुला

प्रिय भावी विद्यार्थीहरू, प्रक्रिया को लागि भर्ना 2016-2017 वर्ष अब खुला छ. यो वर्ष राम्रो surprices धेरै छ. This year in Ukraine opened office of official international Admission.Center. त्यसैले, this year students can apply to any ukrainian university directlty via Ukrainian Admission Center. It allows students to speed up the admissions process and guaranteed a


Facts about Admission Center

Admission Center is organization that helps student to get education abroad

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  • 100%

    Admission Guarantee
  • 100%

    Visa Guarantee
  • 100%

    Career Guarantee

भर्ना 2017-2018 युक्रेनमा खुला

सबै विदेशी विद्यार्थीहरूको युक्रेनमा अध्ययन गर्न स्वागत छ. तपाईं युक्रेनी प्रवेश केन्द्र संग लागू गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ.

युक्रेनमा भर्ना कार्यालय

इमेल: ukraine@admission.center Viber / WhatsApp / टेलिग्राम: +38 (063) 654-09-52 Address: Nauki एवेन्यू 40, 64, खार्किव, युक्रेन. अब लागू
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