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East European University Of Economics And Management
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East European University has a rich tradition of teaching international students. It was founded in 1992 and since then students from Ukraine as well as a large number of students from other countries can obtain education here.

The training program for foreign students includes studying at the preparatory course where they can get basic knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian. It allows them to continue their studying according to the chosen degree. At the preparatory course foreign students can study only as a full-time student.

If an international student is fluent in spoken and written Ukrainian or Russian he (she) can study at any faculty of the University. After successful completion of the diploma project and examinations an international student will be granted National Diploma and Internationally Recognized Diploma legalized in the embassy of a go-between country (country-negotiator).

The training program for international students does not differ from the training program for Ukrainian students. To improve the knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian international students can attend advanced language courses where they can deepen their knowledge of languages and learn terminology on that specialty they have chosen.


You can choose any of the following specialties of our University:

Records Management and Informational Processing (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
At our University you have a great opportunity to combine the study of today’s computer information systems challenges and emerging technologies with hands-on application of the latest technical standards. Our students work with a complete range of platforms, devices and deployment environments. Teaching staff help students understand the key concepts, principles and practices of human resource management. During the study students analyze different situations to illustrate the application of various ethnical approaches in managing organizations.
Design (Bachelor’s Degrees)
Here you can be taught to improve the environment and create unique projects. Our advisors introduce students to the fundamentals of design. We try to combine the study of today’s computer information systems challenges and emerging technologies with hands-on application of the latest design standards. We are looking forward to talented, gifted and creative people who dream to create beautiful and comfortable life for other people and exceed their expectations.
Philology and Linguistics (Bachelor’s Degree); Translation (Master’s Degree)
Philology and Linguistics refer to the application of the scientific method to the study of languages, the study of how languages or words develop. Besides we try to open the door to another world, the world of another language, another culture and traditions. We try to foster interest in learning and gaining knowledge in different fields of linguistics. Because of the high value placed on language skills in the modern society, a degree in philology and linguistics can lead to a number of exciting and future-proof career opportunities.
Law (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
Our course of study begins with the fundamentals of law but then is rich in interdisciplinary learning opportunities. We try to teach our students how to be a lawyer who can analyse different situations in various fields, find ways of decisions and draw right conclusions. Our academic advisors try to expand students’ perspectives and cultivate the values that make for effective, competitive and ethical lawyers.
Economic Cybernetics (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
At our University you can obtain knowledge of existing and emerging technologies. Our teaching staff help you prepare for a rewarding career in business. You can learn to create applications and websites, connect and maintain networks. In future you will be able to deploy and maintain new technologies in the workplace.
Business Economics (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
Here you can get skills and knowledge you’ll need on the job. You will learn to read and interpret economic vital signs. The knowledge that you will get during your study will give you tools and means to analyse and interpret market data and forecast future trends.
Marketing (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
During the course of study at our University our students are taught with the focus on basic marketing principles and concepts. At the classes students pay attention to the development of marketing strategy and the major components of the marketing mix, they can examine the critical environmental factors of markets and customer behavior characteristics that affect marketing operations.
Finance and Credit (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
Our students learn to analyse the world financial markets, institutions and the international monetary system. Together with academic advisors our students try to examine the considerations for financial global operations including sources of capital interest rate analysis, tax considerations trade finance and working capital. Our graduates are able to evaluate the financial risks associated with transaction, operating and exposure in global markets.
Accounting and Audit (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
During your study at our University you get knowledge of up-to-date accounting principles. We use real-world case studies to bring your education to life and keep our graduates ahead of the pace in this rapidly changing field.
Management (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees); Project Management (Master’s Degrees)
Our academic advisors help students develop their managerial technical and communication skills so that they will be able to compete in business management and take major steps forward in achieving their goals. During your study you focus on management practices in different types of organizations. We try to define new approaches to improve the system and pay attention to organization design.
Hotel and Restaurant Management (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees)
Our program provides students with a set of knowledge and qualifications that is attractive to employers. We try to exercise students’ skills and abilities that can be applied to a range of careers in the service industry. The program uses a range of up-to-date teaching methods to facilitate the process of learning. During the course of study our students together with advisors try to find different and effective ways of improving service industry and they offer new approaches to please all customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.
Tourism (Bachelor’s Degrees)
Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires the ability to adapt constantly to customers’ changing needs and desires. Our advisors try to explain our students that everybody who involves in this service industry must remember that the customer’s satisfaction, safety and enjoyment are particularly the focus of tourism businesses. We try to train highly qualified and effective employers, the employers of new generation who can create new trends, find new approaches and contribute a lot to the industry development of our country. Our academic advisors try to show the important role of travel and tourism industry in domestic and international policy issues related to the world travel and tourism industry.

Admission 2018-2019 is open in Ukraine

All foreign students are welcome to study in Ukraine. You can apply with Ukrainian Admission Center.

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