Poltava University Of Economics And Trade

Poltava University of Economics and Trades
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The university trains specialists in the field of Finance, Accounting and Auditing, International Economics, Enterprise Economics, Management, Personnel Management and Labor Economics, Information Technologies, Economic Cybernetics, Marketing, Commodity Research and Commerce, Organisation of Trade, Commodity Research and Expertise in Customs. It is situated in the center of Poltava, the spiritual capital of Ukraine and one of the most environmentally-friendly cities of the left-bank Ukraine. The university has a license to train specialists for foreign countries.

The university was accredited the 4th level by the SAC of Ukraine on 2014, it was chosen for professional training by 50 thousand students from different regions of Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Germany, Turkey, China, Nigeria. Licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:  AE 636850 of 10.06.2015. Teaching staff includes more than 58 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 270 Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors.

The University has received International Certificate 440030QM08 of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 (2009) from International Certification Network (IQNet) and the German body of certificating quality management systems (DQS GmbH). During the two recertification audits compliance with international standard (2012 and 2015) ISO 9001: 2008 was verified.

The rule of educational activities of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade is performing this activity based on the latest research achievements of university scientists which are the result of personal research in the field of knowledge that form the basis of training for each area.

The university graduates occupy key positions in scientific understanding and addressing today’s market reformations, have the necessary knowledge and skills for the development of enterprise business activities and business based on modern local and international experience.

Funds of scientific and educational literature number more than 400,000 printed and 15,000 electronic books on Innovative Information Technology, Commercial Activity, Standardization, Metrology and Quality Management, Certification and Competitiveness of Products and Services, Commodity Research, Economics, Marketing, Management, Food Technology and Equipment, Foreign Economic Activity.

The university has a modern material and technical basis:

  • Total area of laboratory premises is over 52.7 thousand square meters;
  • Four dormitories, housing 2,150 students;
  • 38 multimedia lecture rooms;
  • 35 computer classes;
  • Sports Complex “Olympia” (gyms, sports rooms for fitness, a gymnasium for wrestling and boxing, football field with artificial turf);
  • According to the rating of MES of Ukraine the university is in the top ten economic universities of Ukraine;
  • Membership in the Magna Charta Universitatum;
  • Training center for catering;
  • There are 1985 university personal computers, which are connected into a common university local area network with access to the Internet and “Uran” with specialized computer labs, electronic reading rooms, home PCs students, graduate students and doctoral candidates have a wide access to the electronic resources both the university library and the best higher education institutions of Ukraine, the U.S. and UK;
  • Editing and Publishing Center, which provides annual printing of educational and scientific literature of over 500 typographical units;
  • Free Wi-Fi in the rooms and dormitories of the university;
  • Electronic and classical reading rooms, media library with a video room;
  • Training abroad in the countries such as Turkey, USA, Montenegro, Egypt, Poland, Switzerland and others;
  • Scholarships for study at the higher educational establishments of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, Germany and Poland.

High computer saturation of educational activities of the institution, wide introduction of computer technologies in educational, research, administrative, library, publishing, accounting and financial activities of the university have ensured its priority among higher educational establishments in Ukraine in terms of computerization of educational activities.


International Students

Poltava University of Economics and Trade is a leading educational centre, located in the central part of Ukraine. PUET combines the best national approaches to studies, European standards of quality and Democratic style in education.

Available Higher Education in Europe: 

  • Degree programmers which participates in the European Credit Transfer System
  • Russian language of instruction
  • Full-time study which forms of distance learning
  • Access courses
  • Additional courses
  • Individual schedule of studies
  • Courses in English, German, French and Chinese
  • Practical training in operating Electronic Business
  • MBA program
  • Post-graduate studies

 For international students the PUET offers: 

  1. Higher education at a reasonable tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree.
  2. Enrollment without entry examination.
  3. Good opportunities for proper study and rest.
  4. Reasonable cost of accommodation and catering.


PUET’s Diploma Advantages:

• It is admitted by the member-countries of the European University Charter.

• There are good job opportunities in Ukraine.

• The University provides necessary knowledge and skills for successful career development.

• The are well prepared for independent business activity in the market economy.

Type of Programmes: 

  1. Pre-University Education – 1 year.
  2. Bachelor Programme – 4 years.
  3. Master Programme – 1,5- 2 years.


  • official document confirming secondary school education with applicant’s assessment and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary;
  • medical certificate of health issued not later than two months prior to the beginning of study in Ukraine and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary;
  • Birth certificate and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary;
  • 8 photos 6×4 cm;
  • a valid passport and its translation into Ukrainian translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary

Admission 2018-2019 is open in Ukraine

All foreign students are welcome to study in Ukraine. You can apply with Ukrainian Admission Center.

Admission office in Ukraine

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