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Admiral Makarov National University Of Shipbuilding

Admiral Makarov National University Of Shipbuilding
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Các Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding in Mykolaiv is a higher education institution which trains specialists for the shipbuilding and allied industries of Ukraine. The university is named after the Russian admiral, Stepan Makarov, who was born in the city.


  • The Institute of Shipbuilding. Departments are:
Structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, hull construction, maritime technologies, ship theory and design, and shipbuilding technology.
  • The Institute of Computer, Engineering and Technological Sciences (faculty of technology). Departments are:
Faculty of technology, welding engineering, design and production of composite materials, material sciences and technology, computer science faculty, automated system software, project management, và, information system and technologies.
  • The Institute of Mechanical Engineering. bộ (faculty of power engineering). Departments are:
Conditioning and refrigerating, marine and stationary power plants, thermal physics and steam-generating units, turbines, mechanics and ecology, internal combustion engines, ecology, marine mechanical engineering technology and mechanics and mechanical engineering.
  • The Institute of Automatic Control and Electrical Engineering. Departments are:
Computer assisted control systems, ship electrical equipment and information security, electrical power systems, automatic control engineering, theoretical electrical engineering and electronic systems, impulse processes and technologies, và, marine instrument engineering.
  • The Institute of Humanities. Departments are:
Theory and history of the state and law, pháp luật, applied linguistics, social studies and humanities, modern languages, design, Olympic and professional sports theory, và, physical training and sports.
  • The Institute of Extramural and Distant Learning, (faculty of mobile technologies). Departments are:
Theoretical mechanics, engineering graphics, life safety and civil defence, natural sciences, higher mathematics, physics, và, philosophy and cultural studies.


  • Technology
  • Power engineering
  • Mobile technologies
  • Engineering and economics
  • Preparation

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