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Dentistry / Stomatology Bachelor

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Tuition fee 4000$
Accommodation 700$
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Study Dentistry in Ukraine. It is a five year course. Students are taught basic medical and biological profile and the clinical disciplines for dentistry. On completion of the study the graduates are awarded the “Diploma of a Doctor ” or the degree of BDS. Students are taught theoretical and clinical disciplines such as therapeutic and orthopedic stomatology. The department is well equipped in terms of premises, equipment, teaching aids. A teaching hospital in the center of the city is loaded with patients. Students study the principal problems of dentistry: Dental caries, Periodontitis and diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The principal task of the faculty is the perfection of higher dentistry education. The faculty optimizes the educational process aimed at activating the cognitive ability of students, developing a habit for educational & research and incorporating a creative approach for professional activity. The faculty helps students to obtain excellent knowledge in the dental field. It grows and develops, absorbing all the best, from the experience of the university’s work. The University also offers post graduate course and clinical training in Dentistry.
Click here to apply now to study Dentistry / Stomatology in Ukraine

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