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General Medicine Bachelor

Study General Medicine / 生喺乌克兰
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Degree awarded: Doctor of Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery / [object Window]).
Course Duration 6 年, at world class universities with top ranking in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.
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Recognition: USMLE, PLAB, WHO, EU, MCI, PMDC, All African Medical Councils.

First year tuition fees for first year:

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学费? 4200$
Accommodation 600$
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It is a six year course awarding “Doctor of Medicine” (MD) degree. This is equivalent to “Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery” ([object Window]) degree awarded by Commonwealth countries such as UK, 澳洲, India etc. Admission to the course is commenced after a contract signed duly between the student and university. Fees for international students are denominated in USD and remain constant over the duration of the contract. Study General Medicine in Ukraine is important step to bright future.

The medium of instruction is English for all six years for international students. The course is offered in Russian /Ukrainian for local candidates. Candidates studying in English medium for the six years are given language classes for the first two years, so they may be proficient in the local language for conversing with the patients and everyday use.

The Curriculum taught in the University is approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

Students are formed in small groups of 6-10 for the classes. Due to a small student group, individual attention is possible for each student. For the first two years the students are taught in class. In 2nd year, students are also taught clinical subjects and given clinical training in Hospitals for practical experience.

A student needs to read the textbook and do self-preparation before attending a class. Notes are provided for the same. Students can borrow books from the library or purchase their own books. Students need 100% class attendance. If they are absent, they have to rework the class in the weekend, after due permission from the course teacher.

Each class session is graded. There are internal examinations to be passed. Each year of education is important and should be passed before the student is permitted to graduate. In addition to the university’s internal examination, the Student has to pass State Test (external examination) before graduating the 3rd and 6th year of education. In the year of graduation, the student is tested on practical proficiency on clinical discipline at the patient’s bed (Practical test) and on scientific and theoretical proficiency (Theoretical test). Both have to be passed before graduation.

After graduation, the student can practice or enroll in over 20 specializations offered by the university such as cardiology, clinical medicine, oncology, radiology, public health etc.

Admission 2018-2019 系乌克兰开放

欢迎所有外国读书生喺乌克兰学习. 你可唔可以申请乌克兰嘅入场中心。.


Email: [object Window] [object Window]:(+380)-68-811-08-39 Address: nauki大道 40, 64, Kharkiv, Ukraine. 而家申请
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