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Lviv is a student city
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Lviv is a unique city in which history, culture, mentality of two worlds – the East and the West – are tolerantly merged. It is interesting to note that the city lies at equal distance from Crimea (或者, specifically, the city of Theodosia), former medieval Kafa, and Venice. Obviously, Lviv’s geographical location at the intersection of global cultures and civilizations has influenced its inimitable atmosphere. Despite many sufferings brought by numerous wars over the long centuries of Lviv’s history, the city’s architectural landmarks remained almost intact.

Lviv is a large regional center, occupying the area of 155 [object Window]. kilometers. 关於 730,000 people reside permanently in Lviv. Most of the city’s population is comprised of ethnic Ukrainians, though other communities such as Poles, Jews, Greeks, Germans, Armenians, Russians, [object Window]. are also represented.

Lviv is a city of students. 关於 150,000 students study in higher education institutions with a wide range of specializations. According to public opinion polls, Lviv is the second most popular city in Ukraine after its capital – Kyiv. Starting from December 1998, the central part of the city was included in the cultural and historical heritage of UNESCO. 20% of all architectural landmarks are located in Lviv.

Lviv is an open air museum and the embodiment of the Ukrainian culture and European charm, unforgettable panoramas, and unique monuments of architecture, old traditions and, surely, flavored coffee in the legendary Lviv coffee houses. Guests are charmed by the special atmosphere of majestic calmness reigning in the city and pleasantly striking hospitality of local habitants.

Lviv is the city of numerous old universities, unique scientific establishments and archives, and famous libraries and museums. You can stroll about quiet streets, each time discovering something new and interesting for yourself.

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